Holman Aviation provides ground services to aircraft at the Great Falls airport including corporate bizjets, private aircraft, trainer aircraft, airliners and a variety of military aircraft.  We have a great team of dedicated individuals who take tremendous pride in maintaining a high standard of safety, professionalism and quality of service.

  • Paid time off and holiday pay
  • Health insurance
  • 401(k) matching
  • Supplemental Insurance (to include dental and vision)
  • Long Term Disability
  • Life Insurance

Call us at 406.453.7613 if you are interested in a career at Holman Aviation!

As a retired US Air Force vet of over 20 years, I’ve always had a love for Aviation which stems from early childhood. I’ve learned a lot over the years with my time handling aircraft and still can’t imagine doing anything else.  What I love most about working for Holman is that I’ve always been treated like family.  I take great pride in my role as a flightline supervisor in taking care of our customers and making sure their travel needs are met. It’s all about establishing relationships built on trust and one that I take very seriously.

Aaron Hill, Flightline Supervisor

Top notch customer service is what we strive for each and every day in hopes that we can keep our customers coming back for more. I hope to remain with Holman Aviation for at least another decade before turning the reigns over to another career minded Aviation enthusiast. Until then I just plan on doing the best job I can for the company which has treated me so very well.

Aaron Hill, Flightline Supervisor

Aircraft Refueler

This position plays a vital role in our daily operations and provides an elite level of customer service. The Aircraft Refueler and Handler is an airport ground support position working with private, corporate, and military aircraft, as well as the airlines. This position provides aviation ground support services to customers in a positive and professional manner. It also performs all facets of the ground handling operation including, but not limited to: refueling, aircraft towing & hangaring, deicing, baggage/cargo handling, aircraft parking, radio communications, operating a variety of aircraft ground support equipment and customer service.

Our ideal candidate will be able to multi-task and have strong organizational skills. No previous aviation experience is required, we will provide training in all aspects of the position.

There is never a day that is like the day before while working for Holman. It gives me a chance to use my problem-solving skills to make sure that everyone that comes into contact with us gets the same high level of treatment and the feeling that they are special to us here. Whether it is someone just stopping in for a quick gas and go while traveling across the country or celebrities coming in to visit their property here in central Montana, I like to make sure that everyone that arrives or departs from here feels like we are taking special care of them.

Michael Sullivan (Sully), Aircraft Refueler

During the winter months here, which are many, we specialize in deicing aircraft.  I have always enjoyed taking an aircraft that is a mess with ice and snow all over it and making sure that it is safe for the people that will be traveling in it.  We look out for the safety of thousands of people every year with our deicing of airlines and private aircraft. That gives me a great sense of accomplishment at the end of a very hard day, standing in a bucket while it is below zero.

Michael Sullivan (Sully), Aircraft Refueler

Aircraft Maintenance Tech

Holman Aviation has a Part 145 Repair Station.  This position offers both line maintenance as well as hands-on troubleshooting and repair. Our customer mix consists of based customers and contract line maintenance, both scheduled and on-demand. Our based customers include a flight school (Piper aircraft), various single and twin-engine piston aircraft, and a med flight Citation Mustang.  We also perform pre & post flight inspections on FedEx C-208s. Heavy air-frame (Boeing / Airbus) experience will be favorably considered.

Job Requirements:

  • FAA A&P License.
  • FAA Inspection Authorization (IA) optional.
  • 2 years of previous maintenance experience.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office, Outlook and technical libraries.
  • Compliance with Drug & Alcohol program.

Ground Support (GSE) Mechanic

Responsible for performing preventative maintenance and repairs on all airport ground support equipment, vehicles, and other related equipment.  Working on highly specialized equipment. Duties include:  Rebuild, repair, and provide preventative maintenance on airport ground support equipment, vehicles, and other related equipment.  Assist with maintaining Holman Aviation’s Preventative Maintenance Program – Documenting and maintaining associated records.  Assist with maintaining Holman Aviation’s Fuel Farm.


  • Basic knowledge of gas and diesel engines
  • Basic troubleshooting skills with the ability to read and understand schematics
  • Knowledge of frame, chassis and suspension systems
  • Two years’ experience of working in the automotive industry
  • Experience with hydraulics, HVAC, power generation, and boom technology a plus

Customer Service Receptionist

Our major focus is providing superior Customer Service. Our customers ask us to make numerous arrangements concerning their flight travel plans. Arrangements could include rental cars, lodging, catering and aircraft services. We’ll train you on our invoicing and credit card systems. We also use radio systems and email to communicate with arriving aircraft and co-workers. We use numerous computer software apps to provide us with information that helps us provide excellent customer service. A typical day would include, answering phones, responding to emails, inputting invoices and processing payments as well as communicating via radio to our aircraft refuelers and incoming aircraft.

Our business relies heavily on effective communication. When I call out the landings over the radio, the team here at Holman Aviation has it down to a science. As a family owned and operated company, the Holmans understand the value of family and show support for the staff, their family and their future.

Aileen VanHovel, Customer Service Representative